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    Displaying Hierarchical Data in Text Box

    Vikraant Koushika Pai

      Greetings Everyone,

      I am new to qlik and qlik community. I came across a requirement in which when selection is made in the hierarchical field the available values in the lower hierarchy had to be displayed in the text box . For example if there are two fields, viz, Brand and Parent-Brand hierarchy, When selection is made in Brand, text box should display all the distinct available fields in the Parent-Brand and vice versa.

      One way I thought it could be done is using the Concat and Aggr function

      =Concat(Distinct Aggr(Concat(Distinct Brand, ' '),Parent-Brand ), ' ' )

      So if nothing is selected in the Parent-Brand, the above expression would display all the brands under the parent brand.



      If you have faced similar requirements or any similar requirements please share your views in the comments. Also do check out the app attached with this showing



      Thank You!