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    Sum averages for one dimension

    Benedikt Neumayer

      Hi all,


      I am looking for the correct formula to create a sum of averages for a certain dimension in my datasheet.


      My datasheet is organized like this:


      CountryChannelAudience (individuals)
      AlbaniaChannel A


      AlbaniaChannel B2000
      BrazilChannel C3000
      BrazilChannel D4000


      I now need to create an average audience per country which needs to be summed up afterwards --> For this test case the result should say 5000.


      So far I have tried the following options, but none of them works:


      =sum(aggr(avg([Audience (Individuals)]), country))


      =sum(aggr(sum([Audience (Individuals)])/count([Audience (Individuals)]) , Country))


      In a second step it would be perfect if the formula could leave out those lines of the calculation, that do not have an entry for "Audience (individuals)".


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks a lot