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    Selecting previous year with current selection

      Dear experts,


      I have a question to ask regarding how I can select a previous year selection with a current set analysis selection which i have already made. Having looked and tried other solutions on the forum they were specific for the problem and I could not find a general solution where I was able to use, can anyone please help me out with this issue?


      My code is as of such,

      Sum({$<BDF_Type={"*Revenue*"}> * $<[fiscal year]-1> }cash)


      What I am trying to achieve is to select all the BDF type with the characters revenue as well as the previous fiscal year selection. The reason why i used the " * "  because I thought it would be a union set, but I am very sure that syntax is used wrongly in this context.


      The fiscal year date format is given as 2010,2011,2012 etc.


      Kind regards,