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    Error in Image format


      Hi Qlik Community,

      I am creating a Nprinting HTML report using qliksense application,

      but there are some errors occurring here,PFB details and help me to resolve it:


      1. There is error in the Image format its not appearing as actual as in the qliksense application,

      for more details PFA.

      2. Another problem is unable to customize the size of image in the Nprinting html report.,

      3.Last one is  how to place the image object in the appropriate size and placement.,


      my html code is ::


          <body Style="text-align: center;">
      <h3 Style="text-align: center; font: 21px verdana;">
        Dealer Geography-wise Target vs Actuals Scorecard

        <img src="%%JhsqZJ%%" alt="JhsqZJ"> <img src="%%460fe3a9-dc7e-4616-a7a1-ecaf40dbdb8d%%" alt="460fe3a9-dc7e-4616-a7a1-ecaf40dbdb8d">  
         <h3 Style="text-align: Left; font: 21px verdana;">
         Dealer Target vs Actuals Scorecard
      <img src="%%e964bd64-7fa2-4165-9ac3-fbbee278aa2f%%" alt="e964bd64-7fa2-4165-9ac3-fbbee278aa2f">
      <img src="%%1df73dc8-6a74-4d1a-9eb3-6de680ace7d6%%" alt="1df73dc8-6a74-4d1a-9eb3-6de680ace7d6">
      <img src="%%hxhcXk%%" alt="hxhcXk">
      <img src="%%khZaU%%" alt="khZaU">
      <img src="%%61a6dabe-e914-4126-b669-104fc3c377c3%%" alt="61a6dabe-e914-4126-b669-104fc3c377c3">