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    Error upgrading from 17.2 to 17.3

    Jorge Paulino



      I have upgraded NPrinting from version 17.2.2 to 17.3 and now I got the following message when trying to generate metadata:


      "Error - Request has been purged due to connection errors"


      I'm not using Qlik Sense and the nprinting_engine.log shows just this:


      "Qlik.NPrinting.Engine.Consumer.EngineConsumer 20170220T094636.835+00:00 ERROR XXXXASS000111 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Error while trying to add a resolver for connection navigator=qlikview;documentpath="D:\NPrinting\FA\FA.qvw". ERROR: An exception was thrown while invoking the constructor 'Void .ctor(Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QlikViewConnectionString, Engine.Navigator.QlikView.IQlikViewPool)' on type 'QlikViewContentNavigator'. ---> QlikView is not able to open the document D:\NPrinting\Financial Analyses\App\Financial Analyses NP.qvw (See inner exception for details.) Inner exception: System.InvalidOperationException: QlikView is not able to open the document D:\NPrinting\FA\FA.qvw↵↓   at Engine.Navigator.QlikView.QV11.QlikViewDocument.OpenDoc(QlikViewConnectionString connectionString) in c:\Jws\workspace\NP-REL-\server\NPrinting\src\Engine.Navigator.QlikView\QVx\QlikViewDocument.cs:line 865  ..."


      I have read some possible solutions but didn't found an a clear answer for this.


      Can anyone help we? The previous version was working fine, except a few bugs that this new version should solve it.




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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Jorge,


          To troubleshoot this I would start without involving NPrinting initially:


          * Log into the machine where the NPrinting engine service is running as the account used to run the NPrinting Engine Service



          * Open your Run window

          * Enter D:\NPrinting\FA\FA.qvw and click OK

          * Does the dashboard open in QlikView Desktop?

          * Is QlikView Desktop licensed or does it show up as Personal Edition?


          If that is all fine I would:

          * stop all NPrinting services

          * rename the logs folder (Logs are stored in the %ProgramData%\Nprinting\Logs folder)

          * Start the services

          * wait for the engine to come Online

          * Regenerate the metadata

          * Open a support ticket (providing the fresh set of logs) if still unsuccessful.


          HTH - Daniel.

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              Jorge Paulino

              Thank you Daniel!


              Don't know why, but in the upgrade process it was created .\local_srvqlikview user for the services and that's why it was not working. It was working fine in the 17.2.2


              I have changed the user for the service, restarted and now it works ok.


              Thanks again for the great support!


              Best regards,

              Jorge Paulino