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    Need to change license key in Qlikview desktop.

    Hareesh damineni

      Hello All,


      I have downloaded Qlikview personal edition desktop in my Pc and I have applied license key and it is now changed to Qlikview enterprise edition but unfortunately I used the wrong licensee  key ,so  I want to change the Qlikview enterprise version by using another licensee key.


      I have tried to uninstall and installed Qlikview desktop but it has taken directly the older version of license key.


      please suggest the wright way to change this license key .I have Serial number and Named Cal but don't know the control number.


      followed procedure last time to change enterprise edition.

      I have applied license last time by setting the path in User preference's tab in 'locations' and loaded by "Open Qlikview access point".

      and I have open one document in that access point, It changed to enterprise edition.


      any suggestion's..??.