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    Qlik Sense Extension Debugging

    John Watson

      Hi folks,


      I am in the process of learning how to create Qlik Sense extensions using Stefan Walther's tutorial (Chapter 04 - Debugging an Web Developer Tools | qliksite.io). When I built extensions in QlikView in the past I would typically use alert() or a combination of console.log() + Firebug to work through the Javascript. The process then was to update the .js document > refresh QlikView with F5 > see the results of the most recent modification.


      For whatever reason, when I change the Javascript code for my Qlik Sense extension and refresh the sheet, I do not see the changes reflected. I also do not see anything logged to the console (using Chrome now). I have tried re-opening Qlik Sense and deleting/re-creating the extension object on the sheet. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?