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    Filter pane goes off screen

    Magnus Buseth



      In the filter pane objects it is possible to add several dimensions, and have the filters expand or collapse into buttons depending on the screen size.


      In my app, I am experiencing what I believe is a bug, where the filters go off screen, so not all filters are visible. The issue can be reproduced every time I open my app, and in both Chrome, Firefox and IE. I'm using Qlik Sense Cloud 3.1.


      A workaround is to resize the browser window, and the filter pane will correctly resize to fit the screen size. I could also adjust the height of the filter pane so that all filters are always collapsed, but I prefer it to use the full height of the screen.


      Has anyone experienced something similar? Should I report this as a bug?


      When I open the app:                                                      After I have resized the browser window: