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      • Re: How can we leverage Qlik's analytical capabilities with Machine Learning?
        Petter Skjolden

        You can use two different beta products actually:


        1. Qlik Web Connector - Google Prediction which gives access to machine learning amongst other things
        2. Qlik Server Side Extensions - SSE - which is in beta right now and can be enabled with Qlik Sense 3.1 and above and also QlikView 12.1 and above. This gives you the ability to call functions and evaluate scripts on a back-end R-server or a back-end Python server that both can give access to tremendous libraries and tools for Machine Learning. For instance can Python and PySpark be used with SparkML - possibly (haven't tried exactly that myself). The Beta SDK can be made available for interested customers and partners on request. There is a Qlik Community subsite which has more documentation on this but you will have to be granted access specifically.
        3. You can use Qlik Sense or QlikView with OpenCPU towards R-servers. Several projects have info on this.