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    New calculated time field

    Gerhard Laubscher

      Hi, I have two fields, [Log Date] and [Decision Date], loaded as follows:

      Date(Date#( left( [Log Date],9), 'DD-MMM-YY')) as [Log Date],
      Date(Date#( [Decision Date], 'DD-MMM-YY')) as [Decision Date],

      I would like to create a new field called [Process Time], which subtracts the Log Date from the Decision Date and returns me the number of DAYS.

      So if Log Date is 18-APR-2011 and Decision Date is 20-APR-2011 the Process Time must be "2 days".

      BUT if the application was logged and finalised on the SAME date (process time = 0 days), it must display as "Same Day"