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    How to add 100+ columns of a db table into a Qlik Sense table?

    Julius O

      Qlik Sense 3.1 SR4


      I'm trying to build a table in Qlik Sense with over 100+ columns contained in the database table using both the Table and the "Simple Table" (com-qliktech-simpletable) extension. The table is for visualization purposes only, as if one were looking at an Excel Spreadsheet. No calculations or transforms are being performed.


      Due to the number of columns present, only Simple Table appears to allow horizontal scrolling.


      It appears however that once 50 columns are added, any additional columns (dimensions) added does not populate the data associated with those columns. Only the column headings appear.


      I've also reviewed Simple Table's com-qliktech-simpletable.js file to see if the hard limit could be changed, but have been unsuccessful.


      Has anyone had success in displaying large tables in Qlik Sense?