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    Hyperlink in Nprinting Excel Report

    Hardik Patel

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm having a table in my qlikview app with user names and profile link.


      I'm trying to generate an excel report for the same through Qlik Nprinting. I tried <a> tag, tried HyperLink function of excel, but nothing worked. Hyperlink function doesn't get evaluated at Excel side and if we do replace all = with =, it works. 


      Can anyone please help me to get an Nprinting Excel report with working URL which can directly be clicked that will redirect to browser.


      I tried with Macros too, but when being previewed macro doesn't get copied over to the exported report and there's no option to Preview as xlsm.


      Please note that this is with Nprinting 17.


      Many thanks in advance.