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    Detach Chart

    Gerhard Laubscher


      I have 3 charts that I want 'detached' - when I make selections they should not change. I've changed my $'s in my expressions to 1, but they still change whenever I make a selection.

      I know I could just right-click on them and select "detached", but I do not want the title of the charts having the words (Detached) in them, plus I would like to understand why this is happening.

      Here is one of my expressions:

      Count ([Account No])-COUNT({1<[Trans Amount]-={} >} [Account No])



        • Detach Chart

          The first Count() statement will change when you select something else, so the whole statement changes as well.

          Count([Account No]) is the same as Count({$} [Account No])

          You could try add a {1} there as well, of use {$<Fieldname=>} to ignore selections in field "Fieldname". The latter is only useful if you don't use too many selection fields.