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    how to recreate a connection with an excel file (qlik sense desktop)?

    Luciano Fernandez

      Hi, I create an app in qlik sense desktop wich data source is an excel file in my desktop.


      I wish to share this app with others so I share the app file (in documents/qlik/sense/apps) but the data of the excel, although I share the same file and I put it in their desktops, appears as not available (the conection to the desktop folder appears as only read and i can not modify it). I also can not delete that connection,


      I can not delete any table or add any data (Qlik gives me 2 different error mesages: the first one says that there is not app loaded that qlik can not recover any ap data, the second one that qlik can not add any geodata)


      How can I share the app so thtat in others computers I can link the excel file so as to add or modify data?