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    selection of field values from load statement into another field

      Dear experts,


      I am trying to figure this problem out with a load script which I currently have.


      One of the field in the table is known as date.


      it contains:

      2017 P01

      2017 P02



      2017 P012

      2015 Q1 FC

      2015 Q2 FC

      2015 Q3 FC

      2015 Q4 FC

      2015 Q1 FC pm

      2015 Q2 FC pm

      2015 Q3 FC pm

      2015 Q4 FC pm

      2016 Q1 FC

      2016 Q2 FC

      2016 Q3 FC

      2016 Q4 FC


      I would like to extract the dates starting with the Q1-4 into one a field, and another field with the Q1-4 FC PM.


      the pseudo code and syntax which i am trying to use is this:

      if(subfield(date, ' ',2)="*Q*", keep the selected values) as financial quarter FC


      Your help with this matter is greatly appreciated!

      Kind regards,

      Royce Tang