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    Adding users to allow the access to AccessPoint


      I need to guarantee to view QV document via AccessPoint. I think to add the users by using the QEMC.

      Where do I add the users? In the Users tab --> Section Access Management?


        • Adding users to allow the access to AccessPoint
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Andy,

          Unless you are using DMS (authorization managed by QlikView, available in the Enterprise Edition of the Server) getting to the Accesspoint will be granted to all users with sufficient permissions in your seucrity directory (Active Directory in the case of Windows).

          So on one had, if your document has a section access, you will have to edit the document and add the granted users in the script.

          On the other hand, all users with NTFS permissions in the Directory to get to the URl and the folders that store the files will be allowed.

          If you are running any proxy software or IIS, you can manage permissions there. If you are using QlikView WebServer, default folder permissions and group memberships apply.

          So if one of your users is unable to get to the Accesspoint, make sure in the first places that the user has permissions in the system.

          Hope that helps.

            • Adding users to allow the access to AccessPoint

              So i have a related question: may an user that is not allowed to access the server machine, have access to a qlikview file using access point?

              I'm trying to do this.

              By now, the user enter access point, system asks his NT Name and PWD, he digits the right pwd, then the browser asks him user and pwd to enter the server, and at this point I make the user digit a default user and password, I had to set this default user in System, Setup, Login of the QEMC.

              But I don't want that systems ask this default user pwd. Is it possible?