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    MasterLibrarySource refresh rate

    Erik Gustafsson



      I was playing around with the MasterLibrarySource for Governed Metrics Service when I noticed that the refresh rate is not very fast.

      I am referring to the REST connector set up - how long before it notices new master objects on sources?


      Can I speed it up somehow?


      Yes, other older items is visible.

      Using the interface https://servername:8590/masterlib/testpage feature "Master Items toggle", it notices new items IF I close the browser and open it up again. Note that even though this interfaces shows new objects just created, does not mean that the GMS app being reloaded (which uses the REST connector) fetches new objects.


      Using version 2.0.3 of the GMS.


      Thanks in advance.




        • Re: MasterLibrarySource refresh rate
          Jeffrey Goldberg

          So the refresh is completely dependent on the repository.  When metrics are updated or created in apps before their ownership can be changed a reference needs to exist in the repo.  GMS gets notified of the repo changes but the changes can take some time depending on volume and other repo operations going on at the same time. As for the test page master items toggle, it's not meant to be a real-time view as updates happen. The purpose of the master items toggle is to grab ids for previously generated metrics so you can update your source data to handle the changes that came with the introduction of MLS and the governed metrics application.