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    Automate daily macro



      I would like to keep open a Qlik desktop so the below can be automated to run at 08:00 every day.

      Is this possible please ?



      Sub ExportToFile


      vStamp = ActiveDocument.Evaluate("TimeStamp(Now(),'YYYYMMDDhhmm')")

      vToday = ActiveDocument.Evaluate("TimeStamp(Now(),'YYYYMMDD')")


      set sObject = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("SoOpen")

      sObject.Export "\\Upload\OpenSalesOrders_" & vStamp & ".csv", ", "


      End Sub

        • Re: Automate daily macro
          gareth wilson

          You can use a windows scheduled task to run the document from the command line where ** is you document path e.g.;


          C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe *C:\Users\gwilson\Documents\Qlik\DateTime.qvw*


          Then in the Document Properties of your document you can use an OnOpen Trigger to run the macro