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    Set analysis to filter all except one value

    Siddharth Sheshadri

      Hello all,


      I have tried to Google but have not found a solution, or maybe I have not searched enough but I am trying to build an expression in Qlik Sense which does a sum but a user should not be able to filter on just one value.


      Ex: Say I have an expression called SUM([Sales])

      This is spread across countries like Spain, India, USA etc.


      I am trying to create an expression wherein a user should be able to see the total SUM([Sales]) but when he/she clicks on USA, they should not be able to see the Sales for USA.

      However, if the user clicks on Spain or India, they should be able to see it separately.


      So basically I need maybe a set analysis expression which filters on all values except the value "USA" for the expression SUM([Sales]).


      Thanks in advance.