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    Strange Bug Year to Year Comparion in Pivot table

    Henry T

      Hi all,


      I have a Pivot table with different amounts. These amounts should be compared to the the same time one year before and show the %-difference.


      I have one strange problem. For the year 2017 it shows me the wrong %-difference. Everything else is correct (i.e. comparing 2016 to 2015). But 2017 to 2016 shows me wrong numbers.




      currently my logic is looking like this


      If(Sum({< Flag = {'2017'}>}FF_FF_FLIGHT_SUM) > 0,

      Sum({< Flag = {'2017'}>}FF_FF_FLIGHT_SUM)


      Sum({< Flag = {'2016'}>}FF_FF_FLIGHT_SUM) - 1)


      Attached is a sample.


      Does anybody know a solution for this strange bug?