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    Dimension problem - is there a solution?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have an app where I link two tables - delivery_plans and packing_plans - to determine how much packing_material will be needed to fulfill what is in the delivery_plans for the coming weeks.

      There are several dimensions to both tables.

      So far, so good. When I have all necessary dimensions active, all is well.

      What I'd like to implement for the user, however, is the possibility to activate or deactivate the dimensions (except one, of course, there has to be some dimension).

      <=> Then I run into problems because in certain circumstances, figures cannot be aggregated correctly, so I have the dash in my chart in that case and the figures are incorrect.

      Is there a possibility to check if, somewhere in the chart acc. to the currently active selections, there is the dash (there are different values)? I'd like to implement an alert.

      It should be possible to find a solution - there has to be a way to correctly aggregate everything - but there's no time and it's not that important.

      Thanks a lot!

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          sasi k


          If  there are less number of dimensions for user selection then you can go for Flags in script

          some thing like below


          Load * INLINE







          Use Dimension--> Enable Conditional-->Dim1flag=1 or Dim2flag=1 for Dim2


          Exp: sum(Aggr(sum(Sales),Dim1))*Dim1flag+ sum(Aggr(sum(Sales),Dim2))*Dim2flag+


          Always one dimension should be selected.