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    Week days color


      I am having a list box in horizontal direction with seven columns to show the week days.

      "weekday(date(makedate(year, month, day), 'YYYY-MM-DD')) AS Week" : here Week is my field name.

      I want to show the weekends in red color. How to achive it?


        • Week days color
          Dinesh Thoniparambil

          List box have limitations on conditional formatting.


          1. Create field in your load statement: weekday(date(makedate(year, month, day), 'YYYY-MM-DD')) AS YourWeek
          2. Create a straight table, use YourWeek as a dimension, click on the + sign to the left and add conditional format statement like if(YourWeek > 5, red()) in the editor when you double click on 'Text Color'
          3. In the expression: sum(1). In the presentation, hide the column sum(1).

          The disadvantage is that you will loose the horizontal alignment.