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    Sorting with ValueList and Drill Down

    Shahhan Arshad

      Hey Folks,


      This is my first time posting here, I'm fairly new to Qlik Sense, for the past couple of days I've been working on some data and wanted to display it in Qlik Sense using the Bar chart.


      The data I'm using looks something like this:


      The image above only shows a small portion of just one of the buildings, in total there are 5.


      Below is a picture of the bar graph, as you will see i am using a drill down dimension and since i have multiple measures, I used the Value List() function so i could assign the measures with colors of my own choosing, PE-Total, PN-Total... are all measures



      The problem is that in the second part of the graph, once a building is selected the graphs drills down to the specific areas of the buildings, below is a screenshot of it, I am unable to sort them by cost from greatest to least,


      there is no way i can place Cost at #1, the Areas dimension is fixed and it contains only the name of the buildings and areas, no numerical values.


      I also attached the app in which i am working with this graph, u can find this graph in Sheet #5, and also in sheet #4 i am comparing making this graph with the ValueList fucntion, it will be the one of the left,  and with just multiple measures the one one the right in the sheet, if there is anything you guys know about applying colors to measures without the ValueList function, I'm all ears.


      The only reason i am using ValueList is so I can apply my specific colors, but if i use this function, I cannot sort the graph the way I want to, which is by Cost.


      Any sort of help will be greatly appreciated



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