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    Redirect back after authentication

    Og�n ADSAY

      Hey guys,


      I developed an app like here: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/3.2/Subsystems/ProxyServiceAPI/Content/ProxyServiceAPI/ProxyServiceAPI-Examp…

      This works like a middleware.


      I'm using a virtual proxy and redirecting people, who wants to connect the qlik sense virtual proxy, to this app. Actually they will just have the single object url. Everything works fine but after middleware authenticate, i can't redirect to single object url. This is the only problem i have. I've tried Request.UrlReferer but didn't work.


      Any help would be good for me . And sorry for my English:).


      Best regards,

      Ogün ADSAY, DQTürkiye.