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    A basic Grid Chart


      I'm just beginning to understand the basics of how to make charts in QlikView. I'm trying to create a Grid Chart. On the Y-Axis I would like a few different Countries(Name of the country written in text). On the X-axis I would like the sum of Invoices Line amount (for the specific countries there is a number of values for Invoices Line amount). and the size of the bubbles I would like to be the sum of Invoices Line amount-COGS. (If it is any simpler I wont mind switching the X- and Y-axis.) Can anyone help me by explaining how I would go about creating this chart?

      For every country and Invoice Line Amount there is a single value for COGS. For every country there are several Invoice Line amounts. For every country there are several values for COGS.

      This is my first post on this forum, if anything is unclear I appologise in advance. If there is any additional information that would be of help for you helping me solve this problem you need only ask.


        • A basic Grid Chart
          Oleg Troyansky

          welcome to the forum!


          Try something like this:

          Dimension 1 = Calculated Dimension. You need to use Advanced Aggregation to aggregate Sales by Country:

          = AGGR(sum([LineAmount]), Country)


          Dimension 2 = Country



          sum([LineSalesAmount]) - sum(COGS)

          I think this should do it...