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    combine two dates field on one chart

    Aman Jain

      Hi all,

      I have a case where demand is seen for last 4 years and also the supply.

      Demand or supply may vary for a particular day. There will be days where there is no demand or supply, or it could be that there is demand (no supply) /supply (no demand).


      Like here we see from years (2014-2017) how a commodity is.

      Dimension : Year(Supply Date field)

      Measure: Count ( Supply Date field)


      error 2.2.JPG

      And here is the demand for the same commodity in last 4 years.

      Dimension : Year(Demand Date field)

      Measure: Count ( Demand Date field)


      I want to combine this two charts to show on a common chart so that i can compare them one to other.

      What would be the best way to do it ??

      Let me know the best thoughts you have around this.