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    Top 100 based on a tertiary parameter

    Prashant Kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a dimension called Quarter and I have another dimension called Compliance (which has only 2 values - Compliant/Non-Compliant). Other important fields are Supplier Name, Value (which basically details the spend for each line item). I want to create a stacked bar chart showing the percentage of spend on Compliant and Non-Compliant Suppliers for each quarter. This is quite straightforward and after declaring Quarter and Compliance as dimensions, I used the following expression.


      sum({$}Value)/sum({$}TOTAL <Quarter> Value)


      This worked great. However, now I want to create the same stacked % bar graph for Compliant and Non-Compliant suppliers - BUT want to consider the spend of only the Top 100 Suppliers (based on spend).


      Would appreciate your help on this. Thanks in advance!