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    Problem with Qlikview converter in Qlik Sense 3.2

    omar bensalem

      Hi everyone,


      I have a huge upset about the new qlikview converter capacity in qlik sense 3.2.


      Let me explain why, I have converted a qlikview application I have, essentially to consume the variables that exists within it (over 100 variables). I did not select any visualisation, nor dimensions or measures (that did not stop the app generated from containing my former model and tables..)


      But that's not a big deal, i just deleted the script, and connected to an excel file via the load editor wizard. Till now, everything is good !


      Now, I wanted to add an Inline table, I did write it; it appears in my model BUT I CAN'T FIND IT nor ITS FIELDS when I try to use them in the application !!


      I created the same table in an excel file, tried to load it via the script; and again, it appears in the model, it has been loaded, but it can't be found in the application (edit mode)!


      That's just MIND BLOWING ! See the image, MaxDate, MinDate, JudyTable and KPI are new created tables, They're all available in the model, by I can't find my KPI table in the application (edit mode)


      Any explanation please?