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    Line Chart, choose date, accumulative sum?

    Vegard Rafteseth

      Hello gurus.


      I'm quite new to QlikView, and have some trouble with creating a line chart with accumulative values.

      I've searched around, but either I suck at searching, or the answers and solutions I've tried haven't worked.


      I'm creating a report regarding warehouse stock over time.

      I have a data file giving me different movement types on products, quantities in/out date-wise (if you're familiar with SAP, it's the MB51-report).


      Now, I want to have a line-chart that will give me total value of the stock on a selected date, and total quantities.

      As this is a "balance", I need to sum from day one up to the selected date.


      In a straight table, this expression does the trick, at least showing me the stock on a particular date;

      Sum({<Date={"<=$(=max(Date))"}>} [Quantity])


      But my line chart (using month/year as dimension) seems to sum the quantity movements each month instead of giving me the total quantity (= stock quantity).


      Would anyone be helpful on this problem?


      Quantity line chart.png


      The in-going balance at the start in November 2011 shows a quantity of 171.000, and December 2011 shows 37.000.

      But the stock quantity in December should be 171.000+37.000 = 208.000.