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    Data formatting issue while extracting data from Google Spreadsheets by using Rest Connection

    Prashanth Reddy

      I have data in google spreadsheet which is protected and able to access the data through rest connector. Now, the issue is with the formatting i.e. In my google sheet, having two columns Name and Status with respective values. After successful connection in Qlik Sense, able to see all those values in a single column including the headers.


      My Google sheet structure is

      And the retrieved data is

      The Auto generated script is






          [__FK_values_u0] AS [__KEY_values];







                  FROM "values" FK "__FK_values_u0" ArrayValueAlias "@Value")

              FROM "values" PK "__KEY_values" FK "__FK_values")

          FROM "valueRanges" PK "__KEY_valueRanges" FK "__FK_valueRanges")

      FROM JSON (wrap on) "root" PK "__KEY_root";


      Please help me in getting the data column wise.