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    Can you auto refresh streams?

    David Locke

      Hi All,


      We have been requested to see if we can auto refresh streams so that the data is refreshed within all the apps within the stream.


      I know you can setup auto reload tasks for each app but say you have 30 apps within one stream with a view to adding more this is a house keeping nightmare. It would be easier to setup the stream to auto refresh, if possible.


      I have checked all through my qlik hub and QMC but to no joy.


      We are running Qlik Sense 3.1


      If this isn't possible how have you gone about refreshing data within your apps? Have you done a schedule refresh for each individual app or is there a simpler way of schedule a group of apps to auto refresh the data every X seconds/minutes/hours...


      Any information around this would be greatly appreciated.



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          Bill Markham

          I daisy chain app reloads with the first at a scheduled time / repeat interval, then trigger the rest on successful reload of the previous task.  Thus it runs through the apps reloading them one at a time.  The apps do not all need to be in the same stream, so you can have QVD generators in one or more streams and then apps in one or more streams.

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              David Locke

              Hi Bill,


              Could you be more specific as to what you mean when you say Daisy chain app. Sorry I am fairly new to Qlik so I am trying to pick everything up from the community and by reading up on things.


              Also when you say it triggers the rest on its success does that mean I still have to setup the initial reload task on each app?