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    CIO Dashboard

    Serap Erözel

      Hi all,

      How can be install the qvf of CIO Dashboard demo?

      You can find the demo in below.


      Thank you

      CIO Dashboard

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          S Khan

          That's not a qvf file it's mixture of different objects and styles embedded into Qlik Sense using Mashup Editor.

          It's usually called as Mashup.

          The developer probably used HTML and CSS to do that.

          Check out for Mashup examples and you'll know more.

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              Amien Amien

              is that really the case? i quess every mashup needs to have a app running in the background where the objects are stored (perhaps even the hyper cubes)


              var service = function(e, i, t) {

              var n = this;

              n.openModels = [],

              n.config = {

              host: "sense-demo.qlik.com",

              prefix: "/",

              port: "443",

              id: "d0dd198f-138b-41d8-a099-5c5071bd6b33"


              This is from the source .. where id = the app

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              Serap Erözel

              Thank you Aehman.