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    Change of Logfile behavior in QV12

    Fabian Otte

      Hello everyone,


      hope this is right in the Management-Section


      We just recently upgraded our Qlikview-Servers from V11.20.12742.0 to V12.10.20100.

      Today we noticed something strange when looking at a logfile on the Server.

      It seems like the behavior of the logfile creation has changed.


      in V11: The new logfile was immediatly created after a task was started. While the task was running the task progress was added to the logfile bit by bit. That was a very nice feature, because one could always take a look into the logfile to find out how far a task had progressed, if it is stuck somewhere and so on.


      in V12: The logfile of the last run stays in place while the task is running. After the task has finished, the old file is deleted and the new one created as a whole.


      Is there any way to change that behavior of the server?


      If you have any need for further clarifications, feel free to ask.