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    Colormix in rows instead of columns

    Pollyanna Goncalves

      Hi everyone!


      I'm facing some issue using colormix in Qlik Sense. I have a pivot table that show me the seasonality of sales (in week days/columns) associated with my dimension (rows). That is, I want to know which day have more sales for each value of my dimension. As you see in the figure attached, the colors are not highlighting the "ranking" as expected (the red circles show a case where 20% is lighter than 17%). My colormix code used was:


      ColorMix1 ((rangemin(.8,rangemax(sum(SALES)/aggr(NODISTINCT sum(SALES),DIMENSION) ,.1))-.1)/(.8-.1), ARGB(255, 242, 242, 242), ARGB(152, 203, 131, 0))


      Any ideas how to fix it?