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    Lock Field and Clear ALL behaves different in QV version 12.1 and below

    Rajneesh Singh

      Hi, I have two pages in qlik view dashboard.

      First is home page and second has few charts.

      In second page sheet properties, I have written condition when to show and when to hide sheet.


      For example: If Product = Laptop, then show the second page.


      Now I have a Text Box in second page where I have written two Actions

      1. Lock Field  : Here I am locking Product Field

      2. Clear ALL action.


      In Product field I am selecting Laptop value.


      Now the important things:


      In Qlikview before version 12.1

      When I click on Text Box in second page, It takes me to Home page. But I can see in current selection box that Laptop value is selected in Product field. Its strange.


      In Qlikview version 12.1:

      When I click on Text box, It does not take me to Home page. And in current selection box I can see Laptop value is selected in Product Field page.


      There is no Triggers written in both pages.


      Kindly let me know why the updated copy is behaving differently. Is this was a bug in previous version which got corrected in 12.1 version or it is my mistake.