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    Set analysis expression for year to month analysis


      I've a table with a year_and_month as a dimension and an amount as a measure. For my analysis, I have used a pivot chart.

      I've put the year_and_month field on a list box. For my measure, in the pivot chart I've specified this set analysis expression:

      sum({$<year_and_month = {"<=$(=$(vYearMonth))"}>} Amount).

      When I select an unique value in year_and_month list box, I have the right result, thus the rows in pivot with year_and_month value equals to, fe, 201101, 201102, but when I select 201003 and 201102 I have 201001, 201002, 201003 and 201101, 201102, 201103 in the pivot, but the expected result for the 2011 year is 201101 and 201102 not 201103.

      How can I solve this issue, please? Many thanks