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    Data load editor loading all tables as ABC?

    Erick Dameron

      Hi all!


      fairly new to Qlik but learning very quickly!

      I have 10 tables I am loading through web connectors each with the same fields and data but program specific. (Had to do this due to timeout limitations)

      All of these tables are joined by Qlik automatically since they are identical, and then I have an Employee table and my Master Fiscal Calendar.

      Now my Fiscal Calendar is built just like this Fiscal Year article suggests using a resident load.

      Since the 10 program tables have the same fields, I chose the first table ABC to for my Fiscal Calendar.

      Everything looked to have worked just fine but I noticed that the Sales figures are slightly higher than my Validation excel file is showing.


      I've been doing some digging but am unsure what may have caused the discrepancy. I took note of the fact that since I used ABC as my resident table in my Fiscal Calendar that every table loads as ABC, could this be the issue? Since I am pulling the data directly from the source it should match.

      Here is the layout of my Load, CCM - WIT all include the same fields but only relevant to their program.




      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance!!