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    set analysis with clustered dates

      Dear experts,


      I am trying to achieve this expression where I am selecting a field value called Revenue 3rd party- Contract, and dates which are in the format of P01-12


      the date field is populated as such

      2015 P02

      2015 P03

      2015 P12

      2016 P02

      2016 P03

      2016 P12

      2016 Q1 FC PM

      2016 Q4 FC PM

      2016 Q1 BDG

      2016 Q4 BDG


      the code which I am currently running is:

      sum({$<BDF_Type={"Revenue 3rd Party - Contract"}, Year(Date#(date, 'YYYY PMM'))={*P*}>} cash)


      Segment of code in red is the part which is giving me the error. Anyone has an idea on how to tackle this question?


      Kind regards,