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    Filter issue with combination of several fields

    Xavier HEMELAAR

      Hi Qlikers,


      I my app I'm trying to match 2 charts with variable extension. So what do I have:


      1st: Variable extension is set with variable = vDim and I have created several buttons to select different dimenssions (Country, City, Customer, ...)


      2nd: I have a chart that has dimenssion = $(vDim). So each time you select a button (Country...) the chart will adapt.


      3rd: I have a second chart that says: if(vDim='Country', [Continent], if(vDim='City', [Country],...


      So this all works perfectly ... except that if you select for exemple a continent in the second chart all the different dimenssions will be set in the filter bar. So I have 10 dimenssions and each time I filter in the second chart I have 10 filters in my bar filter. This is really a problem for user experience. Is there a way to tell Qlik Sense to only filter on the dimension displayed and not on all the dimenssions I have in my formula?


      Thanks for your help.