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    What exactly happens when you open an application in Qlik Sense?

    Ali Ahmad



      I was wondering if anyone here can give me some insight to what actually happens process wise when you open an application in Qlik Sense?

      Reason I am asking is I have an application that is becoming increasingly slower to open and to get into the Data Load Editor. The entire purpose of the application is to Extract data and store into QVDs and the average reload time has increased over time. When I finally get it opened and in Data Load Editor the actual reload doesn't take long.


      1. Is a task reload execution considered from when application is "opened" to finished loaded?
      2. What is actually happening when you open an application? Does it check connections? Does it create any variables? What is it that could make it go slower when it comes to opening the actual application?


      Thanks for any replies, hints, tips etc.