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    AJAX rendering performance question. GPU recommended?

    Wojciech Dobosz

      Does AJAX (being server side) call for a dedicated GPU (video card) in order to maintain good performance while rendering the request on the server? Is the performance affected if only on board video card is present? How about a VM environment in which there is no hardware accelerated GPU?

      Is there any official statement on the matter from Qlik? What are your personal experiences with AJAX and VMs?


      Background info:

      Currently we are running on physical servers and relying on IE plug-in. We will be switching to a VM environment next, and at some point in the future we will be moving away from the plug in in favor of AJAX.

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          Wojciech Dobosz

          I've contacted Qlik directly, as I could not find a answers to my questions. Following is what I have gotten back:

          Is a dedicated GPU recommended or required on the server?

          No, dedicated GPU is not required. Please check the same System Requirements page:


          Also, QlikView Server does data-model calculation. Rendering happens on client side rather than server side. Hence GPU on server is not doing AJAX rendering(unless of course you are running browsers on the server). There isn't any recommendation regarding GPU on server from Qlik.


          Is QlikView even capable of using GPU on the server for AJAX rendering?

          As mentioned above, AJAX rendering happens on client side. GPU on server makes very little difference in terms of data-model calculation performance.

          On the other hand, GPU on Client machine *may* help AJAX rendering. However that is depending on how OS and GPU Vendors are implementing GPU rendering as well as the actual browser's capability.