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    Multiple Distribution Service IDs in QVPR files?

    Eric Johnson

      We recently migrated our QlikView (12.02) environment to a new server and now experiencing an issue in QMC where our tasks and source folders are gone and when going to QMC > System > Setup > QVS@myservername, I get the following error:


      ERROR: Failed to load because item with ID 64xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx does not exist. Make sure that QVS is available with the correct credentials.


      Licenses are good, service ID on the server has admin rights. So after scouring the community and help pages, I found that a few of the QVPR files have distribution service IDs that do not match the correct ID (64xxx...). I stopped all services and corrected the IDs to match but the following files roll the ID back to the wrong IDs (from test server and eval license):







      The only solution I found was to uninstall and reinstall QVS...but hoping there is a simpler solution that I am missing that will prevent these files from overwriting the QDS ID into the xml code.


      Thanks in advance!