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    Need Help With Qilk Sense Enterrpise

    pouyan Vatanpour

      Dear all,

      I downloaded Qlik Sense (Enterprise Version ) and installed on my AWS Windows Server 2012 EC2 instance. I have few questions and I appropriate our help in advance. I have developed an dashboard/Sheets (Stream/App)

      1- How can I share this application to people remotely? Is it possible to share this through the web? How?

      2- Imagine my app has 5 sheets. how can I restrict one user A to be able to see sheet 1,2,4 and user B to sheet 3,5?


      The challenge that I have is, I dont know to access to y AWS machine from out site (under than remote desktop)? I am able to ping that machine but when I try to telnet to that machine on port 80 which is open. I gt connect faild