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    How to filter data that applies to an entire sheet

    Kizzy Davies



      I am trying to achieve the following but cannot figure it out (I am using Qlik Sense Desktop).


      I would like to create 1 app with 1 data source (an excel spreadsheet with multiple columns of data) which feeds all the sheets on an app but I need each sheet to have its own filters which do not affect any other sheets.

      (In other systems you are able to copy the original data, make amendments to the copy and create charts from the copied data.  When updating the original data the copies will automatically update also so multiple data sets are not needed.  I have not been able to replicate this behaviour in Qlik.)


      here is a simplified example of what I am trying to achieve.


      Sheet 1 - Contains all SALES, IT and HR data.  


      Sheet 2 - Contains only HR data BUT the data field that contains the HR information is not part of the charts. 

      The charts should only include HR information but the actual dimension would be Location and the measure would be number of employees


      Sheet 3 - Contains only SALES data BUT again the SALES filter should not be in the chart.  The charts would only contain Sales data but the dimension would be Location and the measure would be number of stores.


      I cannot use the filter panes as this affects all the other sheets.


      I have tried using a custom dimension but this only works if you are using that dimension in the chart (I would not be).  I have tried adding it in to an existing chart and the information does not change.


      Is there any other simple way of doing this? 


      Thanks very much,