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    Limit dimension in table considering filters and variables

    Thorben Ortmann



      in my application I have a Table. I want the Dimension of the table to consider the current selection and some variable values. The formula for the Dimension is as follows:


      If( [Field1] > vAriable1 and [Field2] < vAriable2, [ID])


      So this gives me all the [ID]'s as Dimension for the table I want, considering the current selection and variable values.


      My Problem is, that the Table might contain up to 5Mio datasets. so that if the current selection and variable values are not wisely chosen the application keeps loading and loading and the RAM is overflowing.

      To avoid that, I tried to use the getPossibleCount()-function to limit the amount of datasets to 100.000, however the function only considers the current selection and not the variable values:


      IF(GetPossibleCount([ID])>100000,'To many datasets', If([Field1] > vAriable1 and [Field2] < vAriable2, ID))



      Is there a way to Limit the amount of datasets for the table which considers the current selection and varaible values?



      I thought of something like this:


      If( Count( If(  [Field1] > vAriable1 and [Field2] < vAriable2, [ID])) > 100.000, 'Too many datasets', [ID])


      Thanks in advance