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    Data Load Editor only processing part of where clause

    Sarah Kelly

      Hello all, [insert "new to Qlik and very rusty with SQL" disclaimer]


      I'm creating my first app, and I added data using the add data tool and made associations in the data manager.  To pre filter my data, I then unlocked the auto generated section in data load editor and entered some basic where clauses in the load statements.  From the attached image you can see there are two areas where I entered where clauses...the first section limits to appointments from three days ago that have an arrived status and have been edited.  When I load the data, it is filtered per these specifications as expected.


      There is a second where clause I put in to limit appointment provider credentials to 'APRN', however when I load the data, I am still getting all providers (APRNs, MDs, DPTs, PAs etc) instead of just appointments with APRNs.  I'm new to data load editor, haven't used SQL in about 6 years and wasn't an advanced user to begin with, so I'm sure it has something to do with me not understanding load order?  I do not get an error in the data load progress box or debugger, it shows 'finished successfully', however I'm seeing more than just APRN appointments in the results.  Thank you in advance for any and all help!