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    How can I add User in QMC?

    swana woo

      In QMC, I add a new name at 'User directory connectors' and clicked Sync, but when I go to Users the new name doesn't appears.

      I read other discussions with similar problems... but I'm still lost..



      Cannot see active directory users in QMC | Qlik Community

      I checked article above and at the answer of Asim Lilani, failed to figure out what is the box that can be checked

      Below is what Asim Lilanis'  answer

      Ensure that the following box is not checked: QMC > User Directory Connectors > Edit the local connector > User Sync Settings: Fetch user data on first access, then keep in sync.


      [I created new user named 'QSServer' in 'User directory connector'(but in Manage Content > Users, there is no 'QSServer')]

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          Ruben Marin

          Hi swana, creating a local network directory will look the local users of the server, those are created in Windows server management (under computer management -> users and groups -> Users)


          Then, in QMC, double-click on the user directory connection and uncheck the box under 'user sync settings'. (In 'Connection' there is also an option to sync domain users if the server belongs to a domain)

          Go to tasks and execute the localsync task.


          Going back to Users you should see all your local users.


          In the 'Licenses' area you can allocate licenses to the users.


          Hope this helps!