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    Sorting of week over week (WOW) when comparing current vs previous Qtr weekly data

    Mannas Jennaa

      I am preparing a bar graph to show the comparison between the current qtr and previous qtr and the comparison is done by week of the respective quarters. If current qtr is 2017Q1 then previous qtr is 2016Q4. Now I want to show the comparison of week in the graph by week. Ex: 2016 W39, 2017 W1, 2016 W40, 2017 W2 etc... but the way the graph is now is W39, W40.... W1, W2... or W1, W2.... W39, W40...

      so how can I be able to sort them the way I have explained above i.e. (2016 W39), (2017 W1), (2016 W40), (2017 W2) ....?


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