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    Generate the remaining days of the current month

    Erick Dameron

      HI all,


      I am working on building master calendars and would like some tips to auto generate the current month's FUTURE dates.


      I can create a future date and autogenerate all the dates between but would have to remember to update this anytime that predetermined date comes around.

      I would also like to add the Work days, and Total days to my data.


      Is there any easy way to accomplish this?


      My current Calendar looks like:


      LOAD Min(Salesdate) As MinDate



      Resident ABC;



      LET vMinDate = PEEK('MinDate',-1,'MinMaxDate')-1;

      LET vMaxDate = '12/31/2017';



      Drop Table MinMaxDate;


      // Master Calendar for fiscal year



      Load Dual(fYear-1 &'/'& fYear, fYear) AS FYear,

        Dual(Month, fMonth) AS FMonth,

          DUAL ('Quarter' & Ceil(fMonth/3), Ceil(fMonth/3)) AS FQuarter,



      Load Year + IF(Month>=$(vFM), 1,0) As fYear,

        Mod(Month-$(vFM),12)+1 As fMonth,

          DUAL('Quarter' & Ceil(Month/3), Ceil(Month/3)) AS Quarter,


      Load visitdate,

      Year(Salesdate) As Year,

      Month(Salesdate) as Month,

      Week(Salesdate) as Week



      Resident ABC;



      LOAD Date(recno()+$(vMinDate)) As visitdate AutoGenerate vMaxDate - vMinDate;