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    nPrinting 17.2 and 17.3 attach external file

    Jan-Hendrik Esterhuyse

      I'm working with Nprinting 17.2 and 17.3


      I need to attach external files (files not generated from nprinting), as was possible in nPrinting version 16


      On the NPrinting 17.2 help web pages, there is a page for this (see link below)




      I cannot find these configurations on the management console in or 17.3 however


      Funny enough, on the Nprinting 17.3 help pages, this section has disappeared completely


      If this is possible, I would appreciate it if someone could assist me in finding the configurations, alternatively tell me if it is not possible and that the 17.2 help page entry is a bad copy and paste mistake from the version 16 documentation,


      I'm so frustrated because so many features that were in version 16 has been removed in version 17, it makes life very difficult for nPrinting report developers.